• 2kmegs.com免费空间 复活了。。。2Kmegs.com service online

    以前我用的时候感觉不错 国内速度很好 绝对够一般的博客用了 前些天挂了。。。。。现在好了  大家可以试试

    Hello everyone,
      Since we closed the site, I received a ton of great mail from all of you. My team and I wanted to provide great web hosting and support for our users, so we continued to work with our tech team at the data center to fix the issue. With the help of cpanel, we teamed up to fix the HTTP service issue. Everything is running smooth, and we will not be having any future problems like this. A bunch of spam accounts were terminated, but everything else was not effected.

    In the next 24 hours, we will be auto approving signup accounts, and only accepting legitimate websites. We will also be clustering servers, so look forward to some neat stuff! 更多...