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Linode blog 7月25日消息:Linode全线VPS存储空间免费翻倍!登录Linode控制面板后点击右边栏的Upgrade即可。

We’re exceptionally pleased to announce we’re doubling the storage space on all of our plans, available immediately for new and existing customers.  Linode has implemented major upgrades to other resources recently: 8 cores and new processors, a 2x RAM increase, and the new redundant and fast network. This upgrade is yet another action in that spirit — giving you, our customers, ever more value with no price increase. That’s right. We’re doubling your disk space at no additional cost!

The new Linode lineup:

How to upgrade

<img class="alignright" alt="upgrade-avail" src="https://blog.linode.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/upgrade-avail.gif" width="149" height="110" />To get the upgrade for your existing Linode, simply log into the Linode Manager and view your Linode’s Dashboard, where you’ll have a new “Upgrade Available” box on the right-hand side. Depending on the free capacity of your Linode’s host, the upgrade process may involve migrating your Linode to another host. This will be indicated on the upgrade page.

After you receive the resource upgrade, you can utilize the new space by resizing your existing disk images or by creating new images and attaching them to your configuration profile.

We really appreciate your business and are pleased we’re able to continually improve our services. Thank you, and enjoy!

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